Hargrove Vented Gas Log Kits

Hargrove Vented Gas Logs require a fully functional wood burning fireplace with either natural gas or propane.

Why choose Hargrove’s premium vented gas logs? Because they allow you to have the most realistic looking log set with all of the heat you want and the quality you desire for your home.

Hargrove Gas Logs are well-known for their realism and quality. Each gas log is crafted from a casting of real wood, creating the most natural bark textures and wood grains. Experience the Hargrove Gas Logs difference by making Hargrove the centerpiece of your hearth. Stop by or call our North Scottsdale store to help you pick the perfect set for your home. We have over 40 years of experience in the hearth industry and will be more than happy to help you with any project.

All Hargrove Gas Logs are made in America. Hargrove has been making quality gas fireplace logs since 1959, currently operating at their facility in Sand Springs, Oklahoma. Hargrove Gas Log products have been recognized for their numerous innovations, making Hargrove the leader in the gas log industry.

Residents of Arizona can rest assured that we offer the finest gas products and accessories. All products purchased from Arizona Gas Products will be of optimum quality and built to last. No matter what type of gas product you are in the market for; don’t shop elsewhere until you check us out.

Several log sets are on display with working gas so you can pick the perfect set for your home.

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