Gas Log Accessories

Glowing Embers and Gas logs will appeal to you if you’re tired of continually needing to sweep out your fireplace, cut and stack wood, maintain and sweep the chimney. You may just be looking to upgrade from the traditional log appearance to a more contemporary style that can accommodate fire-glass and other decorative media. We can help you with any of these projects.

Logs are a vital piece of an attractive and easy to operate gas-burning fireplace, whether it’s masonry construction or a manufactured fireplace. There are many different gas log options and configurations to choose from. Most gas logs are either natural gas or propane but may be vented, vent-free, or configured for see-through fireplaces.

What does this all mean, and how does it all work together?

Truthfully, there are only four major options in logs, and only two decisions to make before you get your dream fireplace. The first choice would be a fuel type. The second choice is whether or not you need a vented or vent-free log set.

Residents of Arizona can rest assured that we offer the finest gas products and accessories. All products purchased from Arizona Gas Products will be of optimum quality and built to last. No matter what type of gas product you are in the market for; don’t shop elsewhere until you check us out. Stop by today at our convenient Scottsdale location.

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