Fire Feature Parts

We carry fire feature parts such as fire rings, red lava rock, feather rock, propane air mixers, high capacity propane regulators, key valves, electronic ignition kits, fire pit glass, attractive fire pit gas log arrangements, custom fire pit covers and even customized fire pits, fire bowls and fire tables.

Call or stop by today to discuss your needs and we will be happy to assist you with the correct fire feature parts to finish off your project.

Lava rock and feather rock are available for purchase too.

What Makes Our Fire Rings Better?

  • The burner holes are drilled instead of punched. They are much more accurate and do not leave debris inside the tube; eliminating the whistle effect.
  • The welding is machine done so parts fit together more accurately; providing for neater welds.
  • The gas transfer tubes that go from the hub to the rings are slanted upward toward the hub so water does not collect and run down into the valve; if the installation has one.
  • The gas transfer tube/hub construction is higher quality, more gas gets to the rings; offering larger flame output.

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