Wilderness Oak Outdoor Gas Fire Pit Logs – 50″

The Wilderness Oak Outdoor Gas Fire Pit Logs – 50″ will be a great centerpiece for your outdoor fire pit. This outdoor fire pit log stack was designed for use with common ring-type burners. This 50″ size design will fit 40″-60″ fire pit applications.

This log set offers all oak bark textured designed logs. There are 14 logs included in this set and when arranged according to the installation guide it creates a 50″ diameter of logs. Logs can be stacked in a different pattern if desired.

Material: Refractory Clay
Type: Gas Log Set
Style: Wilderness Oak
Fuel Type: Natural Gas | Propane
Log Set Width: 50″
Location: Outdoor
Venting Type: Vented
Unique Feature: Offers 50″ diameter log design
Items Included: 14 individual logs

Additional information

Weight 128 lbs