Wilderness Charred Outdoor Gas Fire Pit Logs – 30″

The Wilderness Charred Outdoor Gas Fire Pit Logs – 30″ will be a great centerpiece for your outdoor fire pit. This outdoor fire pit log stack was designed for use with common ring-type burners. This 30″ diameter size design will fit 24″-40″ fire pit applications.

This charred designed log set offers a mixture of bark and slit texture with charred areas on the logs. There are ten logs included in this set and when arranged according to the installation guide it creates a 30″ diameter of logs. Logs can be stacked in a different pattern if desired.

Material: Refractory Clay
Type: Gas Log Set
Style: Wilderness Charred
Fuel Type: Natural Gas | Propane
Log Set Width: 30″
Location: Outdoor
Venting Type: Vented
Unique Feature: Offers 30″ diameter log design
Items Included: 10 individual logs

Additional information

Weight 67 lbs

Wilderness Char - Log Diagram