TEC G-Sport FR Pedestal Infrared Gas Grill – 36”

The dependable TEC G-Sport FR Pedestal Infrared Gas Grill – 36”

This grill features a double-lined hood that will keep heat in your grill while preventing the outside of your grill from becoming too hot. The infrared burner can reach up to 22,000 BTUs while using less gas than other grills. This grill is handmade in the USA from 304 stainless and it is backed by a limited lifetime warranty so you know that this unit is built to last.

The TEC G-Sport FR Pedestal Infrared Gas Grill – 36” has 309 sq. in. of cooking surface allowing you to easily cook for your friends and family. The radiant glass panels help to evenly distribute the heat from the infrared burner preventing hot or cold spots on your grill. These glass panels let you pour sauces directly onto your food without causing flareups. The sauces will cook off the glass providing more flavor for your food without charring it. If you desire counter space for preparing meals, a side shelf option is available.

Ships within 5 to 7 days.

Made in USA

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