Solaire Cart Gas BBQ Grill – 36″

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The Solaire Cart Gas BBQ Grill – 36″

This grill brings sophisticated outdoor entertainment to life. Designed to withstand the outdoor elements in your backyard, this gas barbeque grill is constructed with heavy duty stainless steel that keeps it both durable and stylish. With two options for carts, the standard base has two access doors and the premium base has two drawers and one tank/trash pull-out door. This grill performs well with natural gas or liquid propane and has several cooking options to best reflect your outdoor cooking style.


  • Removable stainless steel warming rack and drip tray
  • Three burners: 74,000 BTU
  • Hand-polished mirror finish accents
  • Double skin hood with stay-cool, full-width stainless steel handle
  • All stainless steel construction with heli-arc welded seams and no mechanical fasteners

Each cooking style has its different benefits, and Solaire designs their grills to be easily converted from one type to another. When choosing your grill, information about each cooking type will help you to select the cooking method that best suits you and your family.

Infrared: Grills heat up in just three minutes, cooking your food twice as fast while keeping its excellent flavor. Many restaurants use grills like these to allow intense heat to enhance natural flavors and textures. In addition to using less fuel than other heating styles, infrared grills do not require a secondary heating element that can cause flare-ups from trapped grease. It does all of this while maintaining a convenient and modern style.

Convection: Convection cooking, whether in your oven or grill, relies on gas or liquids to transfer heat. The heated molecules of air or water travel around the food to provide indirect, moist cooking. This can easily be compared to boiling a potato in water or roasting a chicken in the oven. Promoting efficiency, convection burners feature double-lance stainless steel ported U-burner that works with a stainless steel vaporizer plate to reduce flare-ups and provide quality heat distribution.

InfraVection®: The perfect combination of traditional comfort from a convection burner and an adventurous infrared grilling experience for your next outdoor event. Complementing the functionality of infrared and convection systems, this cooking method produces the widest range of temperature options that accommodate any backyard cook. Its stainless steel U-burner and quick heat-up performance work together to enhance natural flavors and create indirect, moist cooking for each grilled meal.

The Solaire Cart Gas BBQ Grill – 36″ runs easily with push button rapid-start electronic ignition with burners that are easy to remove for cleaning or conversion. Simplify your outdoor kitchen area with a grill that will remain durable, while giving you an enjoyable experience. Keep the whole family happy by keeping the meal warm on the removable warming rack or attached drip tray. The stainless steel V-grilling grids will enhance the flavor of your meal, while its careful construction will reduce flare-ups.

Ships within 7 to 10 days. 

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