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FORTY6 Outdoor Fireplace

With it is signature modern linear design, the FORTY6 Fireplace now adds a contemporary focal point to your outdoor space. Bold and classically chic, homeowners marvel at the FORTY6 Outdoor fireplace’s clean lines and state-of-the-art wall-mount design. Manufactured in New Hampshire with high-grade stainless steel and porcelain enamel firebox liners. For outdoor use only.

The SÓLAS FORTY6 Fireplace is a highly efficient modern fireplace offering all of the features in demand by today’s most astute, design-conscious homeowner. Despite its sleek profile, the unit’s reflective porcelain enamel firebox serves to reflect the flames, adding depth to the flame picture, for a very dramatic effect.

As standard, the fireplace comes with state-of-the-art remote control, which not only allows you to light and operate the fireplace but can also be programmed to control the FORTY6 fireplace thermostatically, automatically controlling your desired room temperature.

The SOLAS FORTY6 works on both NG and LP, with BTU range for LP: 31,900 – 21,100/hr, NG: 22,400 – 21,300/hr

The FORTY6  Outdoor FI Fireplace Clearance :  Side Walls: 6.0″ (152mm), Corner: 6.0″ (152mm), Ceiling: 12.0″ (305mm), Floor: 3.0″ (76mm)

The Fireplace Weight:  155 lbs (6170.5 kg)

The SOLAS FORTY6 Burner Media: Clear / Black Reflective Glass Crystals

The Fireplace Remote Control: Programmable Thermostatic Remote Control

FORTY6 Fireplace Certified by OMNI-Test Laboratories, Inc., to ANSI Z21.88-2014/CSA 2.33-2014 Vented Gas Fireplace Heaters and CAN/CGA-2.17-M91,

Gas-Fired Appliances for Use at High Altitudes and CSA P.4.1-09

BTU Rate RangeLP: 31,900 – 21,100/hr, NG: 22,400 – 21,300/hr
Glass Viewing Area46″ (1168mm) W x 12″ (305mm) H
Dimensions58.375″ (1483mm) W x 25.25″ (641mm) H x 8.0″ (203mm) D
Remote ControlProgrammable Thermostatic Remote Control
Weight155 lbs (70.5 kgs)
Fireplace ClearanceSide Walls: 6.0″ (152mm), Corner: 6.0″ (152mm), Ceiling: 12.0″ (305mm), Floor: 3.0″ (76mm)
Fuel SpecificNatural Gas or Propane
Burner MediaClear / Black Reflective Glass Crystals


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