Contractor’s Model w/Molding

The American Fyre Designs Contractor’s Model is all about self-expression – the glass-fiber reinforced concrete body is the canvas, and the next step is up to you. Straight lines, subtle contours, and the unrefined strength of the Kingston design have come together to embody the essence of true, raw warmth.


High-temperature refractory cement firebox
Unfinished surface allows of customization
One year limited warranty
Glass-fiber reinforced concrete body provides strength and durability

The outdoor fireplace is at the heart of the great outdoors – a breath of warm air, an essence of the subtle changes of the seasons, all of it encompassed in the continually molding flames. Experience the American Fyre Designs Contractor’s Model, finding liberty in the very sense of the word – from color to contrast, come discover a creative outlet that can be renewed from one fire to the next.

Call or stop by today to discuss your needs and we will be happy to assist you with the perfect Fireplace for your home.

Leaves warehouse in 4 to 6 weeks.

Additional information

Weight 810 lbs
Vent Free