As a seller of premier fire and blog gas products, we know what a lot of people are looking for, nationwide and in the local Arizona areas where we operate.

People have different needs in different climates. Arizona, though, is a place where there is a healthy appetite for natural gas appliances that generate light and heat.

Some people would scratch their heads thinking ‘why would that be’ in a climate that is billed as a southern desert biome. But that’s only if they have never lived here for any length of time. 

Without really looking in depth at how the Arizona climate works, a lot of people who aren’t from around here would expect that it’s pretty warm!

And it is pretty warm – in the summer. But that doesn’t mean that Arizona residents don’t end up shivering if they don’t have a heat source on some of the coldest days of the year.

Local Temperatures

Check local Arizona temperatures in January or February, and you’ll see that the thermometer readings dip down into below freezing temps for some nightly lows. Then you have some daily highs that don’t reach much above the high 40s.

Now, if you’re wondering how cold that is, think about refrigeration at 41°. It’s chilly. And that means that Arizona residents are sometimes looking for significant sources of heat to heat their homes and properties.

Made for Natural Gas Fireplaces

Now the thing about a natural gas fireplace is that it’s not really made to heat a whole building, especially when it’s below zero outside.

In other words, fireplaces are good for moderate heating when you may only need heating part of the day, as opposed to a furnace that runs 24/7.

So for many Arizona homes, just boosting that temperature up by a few degrees at the coldest times of the day or night can be sufficient in many cases.

Also some of these fireplaces can throw out quite a bit of heat compared to other heat sources. We hear things about people using space heaters to heat their homes, which is potentially dangerous and very inefficient. If you have any significant dip in temperature, the space heaters are going to suck a lot of energy. On the other hand, an efficient fireplace will throw the same heat with very little energy use. You’ll see the difference in your utility bills!

Getting the Best Fire and Gas Log Products

So what do you want when you go to buy a gas fireplace or similar installation?

You want something safe, something is made with safe materials, and something that ensures safe operation. You want something that looks nice and has a classy presentation to add curb appeal to your property. You want something that’s easy to use with user-friendly controls…

We have all of that at Arizona Gas Products, so take a look.