What do you get when you purchase new fireplace log and gas fireplace systems?

Let’s talk a little bit about the details of some of these top-selling products in our catalog.

Ceramic Bonded Concrete Fireplace Inserts

Many of our top-selling logs and installations are made with bonded concrete that is hand-painted for a particular custom look. We reinforce many of these installations with steel for durability. The result is a great-looking installation that you can be proud of as you hit the ignition and get your living room or other interior space toasty.

Multiple Burner and Ignition Choices

Maybe you want one burner or several burners. Maybe you want a traditional push-button ignition system or need something it’s easier to operate.

Either way, we’ve got your back, with alternatives and choices for modern gas fireplace use.

Temperature Rating

The majority of these systems are rated to withstand up to 2300°F. That’s much hotter than they will ever get, and gives you peace of mind about these home systems.

Choices in Burners

Some models have tiered burners, and some have tapered tray burners. Those are just some of the specialty designs we have available to help make your gas fire appliances yours uniquely. 

Think about a traditional old manor house in the 17th century. How was it heated? With a great stylish fireplace and hearth designs that gave everyone a joyful winter!

You can have that same sense of style and grandeur in a modern home, with gas fireplace products that give off light and heat in a dark and cold season.

That’s what delights a lot of our customers when they purchase these premium gas products – a combination of style and functionality!

Cooking with Gas

We also have a range of grill products that accommodate that very popular trend in today’s culinary world that involves cooking on modern gas jets.

While old charcoal grilling is also quite popular as a foodie’s go-to method, the gas cooking is a lot more practical in many ways. You’ll see modern grills being built into outdoor structures and even included in things like carports and pavilions, of course, with proper safety engineering.

A lot of our products are made with this type of use in mind, and you can build your own customized gas cooking installation to turn out all kinds of wonderful and unique dishes.

So for light, heat and sustenance that comes from cooked food, take a look at our catalog and select the products that make the most sense for your property. We will help you to order, make decisions, and plan for the installation of these modern types of gear, to add value, and to add, of course, to your quality of life. Don’t settle for anything less than a vendor that makes selling high-quality gas ware a top priority!