4 Things To Consider When Buying an Electric Fireplace

Making the right home upgrades is something most property owners struggle with. Finding the right mix of affordability and appeal is crucial when choosing improvement projects. In the last year, homeowners in the United States spent roughly $235 billion on improvement projects.

As winter rapidly approaches, homeowners are scrambling for ideas on how to stay warm and cozy. While a functional heating unit comes in handy, nothing beats the warmth and ambiance provided by a fireplace. Electric fireplaces are a great option for any home because they are affordable and easy to maintain.

If you are in the market for a new electric fireplace, consider the following factors before making a purchase.

1. Assess The Heat Output

If you’ve decided to install an indoor fireplace over an outdoor fire pit, then you are probably in need of additional interior heat. The great thing about most electric heaters is that they can run with just flames. This means you don’t have to deal with additional warmth if you want the ambiance of a fire.

The amount of heat generated by an electric fireplace is usually dictated by the power source they are plugged into. The average electric fireplace plugs into a 120-volt plug. With this power source, an electric fireplace can generate around 5000 BTUs of heat. Choosing an electric fireplace with thermostatic controls will allow you to adjust the amount of heat it produces.

2. Take Measurements Before Shopping For an Electric Fireplace

Homeowners new to the world of electric fireplaces are usually surprised to learn just how many options are on the modern market. There is no standard size for electric fireplaces. This is why you need to take measurements before searching for a new electric fireplace.

The size of the room you are installing the fireplace in will dictate the size you need to use. On average, fireplaces from 35 to 50 inches seem to do well in small and large rooms. Consulting with professionals can help you determine how to adequately mount a new fireplace in your wall.

3. Avoid Noisy Electric Fireplaces

As you research the electric fireplaces at your disposal, you need to see what consumers are saying about the amount of noise they make. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to enjoy a fire over the loud noises of a subpar fireplace. By seeking out a higher-quality electric fireplace, you can minimize the amount of noise you have to deal with.

4. Check Out The Control Panel

Inspecting every part of an electric fireplace before buying it is imperative. During this inspection, be sure to take a look at the control panel. Ideally, you want to choose a fireplace that features a remote and plenty of customizable features. The extra money you pay for these features will be worth it, considering the appeal and comfort they will offer.

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