Fire pits have become focal points and gathering places of most backyards across the country. The versatility of fire pits offers homeowners the ability to create ambiance, cook outdoors, and provide a source of heat in almost any open-air setting. For many, the fire pit invites family and friends to share stories and create new memories around its warm and peaceful glow.

If you’ve had a fire pit for some time and are ready to take it to the next level, or if you are planning to install a new fire pit on your property, adding upgrades to your installation can enhance its look and practicality; or both! Here is the inside scoop on the most functional and attractive ways to upgrade your fire pit and take it to the next level. 

Add Fire Glass To Your Fire Pit For Ambience

One of the easiest and most beautiful ways to enhance the look of your fire pit is to place fire glass in it. Fire glass camouflages the burner, but it also emits limitless luster in the glow of the flames and even when your unit is not in use. Various shapes, sizes, and fire glass colors make this upgrade genuinely customizable to your aesthetic. Consider mixing a few different shades of fire glass to create a unique look and feel for your unit. 

Wind Guards Protect You And Your Flames

Wind guards can be added to your fire pit to enhance your experience while using your unit by protecting both you and the flames. Strong winds may threaten your fire pit enjoyment and shorten your evening fun. Adding wind guards will allow your fire to thrive and provide consistent heat from all sides of the feature. Wind guards are designed of tempered glass that withstands heat while retaining its integrity in the harsh outdoor elements. 

Flame Accents Set Your Fire Pit Apart From The Rest

Boost your fire pit’s style by adding flame accents, ornaments, and embellishments that light up the night with unique looks. Flames dance around an array of accents offering reflective gleams and dynamic shapes. The best part of this upgrade is that flame accents require little to no installation as they are simply set into place in your fire pit and ready to give you a relaxing, glamorous, or even mysterious ambiance.

Enhance Your Enjoyment Of Your Fire Pit With Upgrades

Adding upgrades to your fire pit will enhance both your enjoyment and the practicality of your unit. Your professional gas fireplace and fire pit store will help you find just the right upgrade to give your fire pit the boost it needs.