When you want something different out of your natural gas installations and home amenities, come down and take a look around. Arizona Gas Products has the creative and top-quality gas appliances to make your home into one of those high-end properties that people gawk over in magazines. These can also help you to heat your home more efficiently as the price of home heating fuels goes higher. 

One of these types of installations is the new wide-angle fireplace. These attractive gas jet luxury products create their own unique aesthetic result in a home or property. They draw the eye, and provide that excellent first impression for visitors, while giving you nice, radiant warmth in winter

Quiet and Controlled Flame

Behind a glass screen, these gas appliances quietly flicker, with whisper-quiet operation that gives an interior space a calm and serene atmosphere.

That’s why some of the top medical providers choose these installations for their waiting rooms, and why they are in so many high-end homes, in living rooms and areas where people want to relax in the evening.

The modern gas fireplace combines the traditional love of visual flame with the neatness, quiet operation and convenient, unintrusive design of the product.

Wide-Angle or Panoramic Fire Installations

The traditional gas fireplace looked like a regular wood burning fireplace of the type that has heated homes for many centuries. There just wasn’t a lot of new design there, visually. In addition, the controls were often very dated, for instance, with an old push-button ignition that could be hard to use. 

New models are different. For example, some newer types of gas appliances feature a long horizontal row design that can be built into a wall or shelf panel, to introduce a blazing line of flame across some interior space.

You can see these panoramic fireplaces at work in high-design properties that feature this kind of natural illumination that really provides a sense of luxury and top-class build design.

More Gas Gear

In addition to stunning panoramic fireplaces, we have other great stuff for your home, like premium gas logs for customized fireplace design. Our grills are another top draw, with expansive and full-featured designs that will allow you to practice your culinary skills to the max. Check out everything that we have at Arizona Gas Products and ask about how each specific model stacks up to others, to get the results that are best for your property. Remember, we install what we sell!