Things To Check Before Using Your Gas Fireplace

Homeowners looking for a way to enhance the warmth and appeal their residences have usually invest in a new gas fireplace. Millions of homes in the United States are equipped with gas fireplaces because they are easy to operate and efficient. In most cases, gas fireplaces will go mostly unused during the summer months. Since fall is right around the corner, now is the time to start thinking about how you will fire off your gas fireplace when the time is right.

The more you know about how to turn on a gas fireplace, the easier it will be to get this process done quickly and correctly. The following are things you should check before using your gas fireplace.

Start By Cleaning the Inside of the Fireplace

During the long period when your gas fireplace isn’t being used, lots of dust and debris can accumulate. Most people fail to realize what a fire hazard large chunks of dust can be when left on gas logs. Using canned air is a great way to remove dust and debris from this area.

While you are cleaning the logs, you need to give the doors that enclose your fireplace a good scrubbing. Using glass cleaner spray and a lint-free cloth is a great way to get this glass clean. If you have wash rocks or beads in the bottom of your gas fireplace, you can remove them and wash them by hand in some soapy water. Once these rocks or beads are dried out, you can place them back in the fireplace.

Do a Visual Inspection of Your Pilot Light

One of the most important parts on your gas fireplace is the pilot light. Without a functional pilot light, you will have a difficult time getting your gas logs to work properly. Before you attempt to fire up your gas logs, you need to do a visual inspection of your pilot light. Checking to see if all of the elements on this switch are functional is imperative when trying to get your logs lit and producing heat.

If you notice exposed or loose wires around your pilot light, you need to contact professionals immediately. With their assistance, you can get these wiring issues resolved in no time.

Give Your Outdoor Vent a Good Inspection

Before you light your gas logs, you also need to check the condition of your outdoor vent. Ideally, you want this vent to be clear of any leaves or other debris. Failing to check the condition of this outdoor vent can lead to you and your family being put in danger. In some cases, you might encounter rodent nests and other pest-related problems in this vent. As soon as you notice these problems, you should contact pest control professionals to help you resolve them.

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