Let’s talk a little bit about modern gas appliances.

Why are so many people choosing these types of appliances for their homes and business properties?

It’s a question that we think about a lot as we keep promoting excellence in selling gas and propane systems and accessories, along with (and often in the form of) appliances setups such as grills and gas fireplaces.

Here’s some of what we’ve come up with.


There’s something visually exciting about an open flame. Actual fire is thrilling to sit and watch. When it’s behind a glass wall, there’s less danger involved. So having a modern gas appliance in your home gives you all of that compelling visual experience without a lot of the maintenance and upkeep of a wood fire.

Modern Controls

Older gas systems usually used a manual igniter, which was sometimes inconvenient and not entirely impressive.

But the modern age has brought very new kinds of controls to gas appliances. You have something that almost works like a Bluetooth setup – where you can point and click and have your fireplace come on. This is a very intriguing part of getting modern gas appliances for many of our customers. It changes the ways that we view these installations. Another aspect of this is being able to fit a modern gas appliance into a smaller space. That leads to new choices in how to add onto your home or integrate flame into a renovation.

Heating a Space

Then there’s also the energy savings that you can gain from having a modern gas appliance in a building.

What we hear from a lot of our customers is that energy consumers are moving toward what’s called “zone heating,” where they don’t necessarily keep central air at a specific temperature for every part of the building. They heat the rooms where people are, and save a lot in terms of utilities, especially if the furnace is an entirely new and efficient. That’s another important role for a local gas-powered system in your home.

These are just some of the reasons to shop for modern gas fireplaces and propane systems and accessories at Arizona Gas Products. We love helping customers to save money and figure out ways to improve their properties. Ask us any questions about any part of our catalog, and we’ll help you to get started thinking about how to use the power of gas appliances to your advantage.