American homeowners will spend over $390 billion on improvement projects this year. Since winter is right around the corner, you need to take on home improvement projects designed to make your residence warmer and more appealing. If you are tired of wasting money on repairing and maintaining a wood-burning fireplace, then it is time to make a change. 

With the addition of a gas fireplace, you can keep your home warm without having to worry about tons of maintenance. If you are on the fence about whether or not to add a gas fireplace to your home, consider the helpful information below. 

1. Modern Gas Fireplaces Are Extremely Efficient

Reducing monthly operating costs is something that most homeowners are passionate about. One of the biggest misconceptions about gas fireplaces is that they are inefficient. While this may have been true in the past, modern gas logs and fireplaces are designed to be extremely efficient. Before you invest in a new gas fireplace, you need to do your homework. 

Gas fireplaces like the Bellingham 44 are designed to provide traditional appeal and efficient. If your home doesn’t have a fireplace or chimney, then you need to use a direct vent gas fireplace. The Bayport 41 is one of the most popular and efficient direct vent gas fireplaces on the market. With the help of knowledgeable gas fireplace installation professionals, you can get your new fireplace in place and functional quickly. 

2. Increase the Value of Your Home

When trying to find the right home improvement projects, you need to consider the value a particular project can add to your residence. Did you realize that a gas fireplace can increase the value of your home by nearly 12 percent? Modern homebuyers love gas fireplaces because they are beautiful and efficient. 

The main thing you need to do to have success with the addition of a gas fireplace is to hire professionals. Attempting to install a gas fireplace without this professional guidance can lead to lots of mistakes being made. The last thing you want to do is damage your home or your new gas fireplace due to a lack of experience. This is why paying professionals to handle this complex work is so important. 

3. Make Your Home Cozier

For most people, their home is like their sanctuary. Working a full-time job and raising a family are some of the most stressful jobs on the planet. Being able to come home and relax is crucial when trying to avoid getting overwhelmed. Having a gas fireplace in your home will allow you to create a relaxing and cozy environment. The heat produced by these fireplaces will also keep you and your family warm and cozy regardless of how cold it is outside. 

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