Fire is an intrinsic part of the human experience. From the flames used for the first time to prepare food, light a darkened night and provide life-sustaining warmth, the fire has been a complex component of our story. The mysteries of fire draw us in like a moth “to the flame”, and we are both simultaneously comforted and terrified of its unworldly power. Anyone who has ever gathered around a campfire and lost time watching the dancing flames and golden embers understand that fires also create an ambiance unlike anything else.

Fire, A Natural Design Element

Diversity Of Fire

Even though today we may not solely depend on fire’s warmth to heat our homes, we still see new construction built with fireplaces, landscapes boasting fire pits, and entertaining venues ringed in flames.  Innovative methods of harnessing the power and beauty of fire continue to provide new and beautiful ways to incorporate it into our lives through design elements as well as utilitary means.

From Wood To Gas

While wood built fires harken back to times passed, the mess that wood creates as it burns can be less desirable in indoor settings. Gas fireplaces not only require very little upkeep, but they can also be easily turned on and off at any time. Because gas has made having fire so accessible, it has been able to be integrated into home designs in exciting new ways.

A More Refined Flame

As natural gas has allowed us to easily and safely use fire in a variety of applications indoors, there is almost no end to the creative ways in which home and business owners can bring the beauty of the flame indoors. From luxurious modern fireplaces in unexpected indoor spaces to stunning gathering points in outdoor entertaining areas, fire is increasingly becoming a style design element in our lives.

Innovative Designs

One of the most popular new design elements using fire is in the fire bowl. These beautifully designed sculptures create stunning additions to any home, landscape, or outdoor area as they offer a variety of applications. These contemporary bowls come in an array of sizes and styles, offering unique and modern options to traditional fireplaces.

Ultimate In Luxury

Luxury abounds with gas fireplaces in bathrooms, bedrooms, and dining rooms, and any room imaginable all without the hassle of dealing with wood. Outdoor entertaining areas are lit with dancing flames around pools for the ultimate in tropical flare, and intimate gatherings are made even more special around tables that boast alluring glows of soft flames.

Fire has been and will be intrinsically woven into our lives, and the opportunities to infuse its flames beautifully into our homes are endless. Call Arizona Gas Products today to find out how you can add the allure of fire to your home.