There’s a new kind of grill in town, and its name is the infrared grill.

The fads of past seasons, like the Big Green Egg and various kinds of highfalutin charcoal designs, are still popular, but the infrared grill is also taking off in a big way.

Instead of using flame heat, an infrared grill uses radiant heat to grill meat. That allows the meat to retain more of its juices, and in many cases, more of its flavor and texture as you cook it. Home chefs and pros alike are asking about the benefits of having this kind of new grill to work and play with. 

Radiant Heat Principles

How does radiant heat grilling ith an infrared grill change what happens to your proteins?

Here’s another way to think about infrared grills. The principle is similar to how you heat your home.

If you have forced air heat, your furnace is working to generate hot air that is blown into your home through air vents. The air circulates, and everything is heated by the moving air. In a sense, that air blasting on your body is what changes your temperature in your home.

Radiant heat is something different. If you have radiators with hot water running through them, that’s an example of radiant heat. It doesn’t blow on you – instead, it slowly warms the air around you.

It’s the same with the infrared grill. The heat radiates out from the heating element instead of blasting out at the meat or whatever you’re cooking. So in the same way that radiant home heat doesn’t dry out your sinuses overnight, radiant heat for grilling means your meat can stay juicier and more tender as it roasts “low and slow.”

Infrared Grill Designs

When you’re choosing an infrared grill, it’s important to look at the size and location of the grill tray, as well as how the heating elements are set up. Chefs are looking at a wide diversity of styles with different elements radiating from different angles and areas of the grill.
If you’re interested, try one of these models out today, and see why they’re so popular in today’s market. We have the infrared grill designs to help you to up your game behind the heat! And that’s just part of what we offer – with outdoor and indoor gas heat appliances, we stand behind our merchandise and can help you put together a winning plan to add amenities to your property.