When you have a gas fireplace, it can be a bit of an adjustment to get accustomed to the gas logs that are in place. When you learn about the many benefits of gas logs and how much better they are for both your home and the environment, you may love the look of your fireplace even more. In this guide, we will help you understand the benefits and advantages of choosing a gas log


Better For The Environment

A wood-burning fireplace will release much more carbon dioxide than a gas fireplace. This comes as a surprise to some, but it is scientifically proven. In addition to the cleaner emissions, some of that firewood you are burning may or may not have been from a tree that died. Certainly, burning the same gas logs over and over again for many years is much better when you consider the waste and destruction of trees as well. 

Realistic Looking

Another great thing about gas logs is that they are very realistic looking. These logs have come a long way from the original designs of years ago. In fact, they now look so real that you may have people asking you if the log is real or not. If your concern about gas logs is that they will look fake, you can scratch this one off your list. 


A wood-burning fire is not predictable. If you don’t’ keep a close eye on the fire, there are small pieces that can fly out and injure someone or cause damage to your home. If you have your children or pets that like to be near the fire, the gas fire logs are going to be a much safer and more consistent option. When you set a barrier with a gas log, you will know that the fire will stay behind the barrier; with wood, it is hard to tell. In addition to the fire getting out of control, there are also smoke factors that you have to deal with. Sometimes if your firewood is a little wet, it can quickly fill your house with a terrible smelling smoke, with gas logs you will never have to worry about it. 

Choose Your Look

With a wood fire, you build it, and within minutes it is falling apart and needs your attention. Sometimes you have to poke it, put a few more pieces on, etc. It may look amazing when you first light it, but to keep it going takes some time and patience. With a gas log, you choose the look that you want, and you will know that as soon as you turn it on, you will have a great looking fire at all times. This is a huge benefit of the gas logs, and with so many styles to choose from, you can make sure you get something for your home that looks good when it is both on and off. 


Gas logs are functional, they save money, and they keep you and your family safer. If you have any questions about gas logs, we are more than willing to answer them at any time.