Outdoor gas installations are catching on in today’s market in a big way.

As we go around helping homeowners in the Scottsdale, Arizona area to improve their properties, we see a significant demand for everything from outdoor grilling stations to outdoor gas fire pits and specialized gas-fed flame installations.

Why is the outdoor gas fire system so popular? This is what some of our customers are doing with their outdoor gas installations to add value to their properties.

Outdoor Gas Fire Systems for Heat

Essentially, when Arizona winters turn chilly, an outdoor gas fire system can provide an effect that’s similar to that of a heat lamp, except that it’s a permanent installation instead of a temporary one. 

Since Arizona isn’t near the tundra, but further down toward the equator, an outdoor gas fireplace can provide essential warmth when it’s just a little bit too chilly to be outdoors without it. This adds to the length of the season in which owners comfortable enjoy their outdoor space. 

Outdoor Gas Fire Systems for Light

An outdoor gas installation is also great for using your property during the nighttime.

The lulling flicker of flames is a harmonic way to outfit an outdoor patio or other outdoor living space. There’s something about a fire that makes people feel good – and many of our customers enjoy endless hours of sitting around the gas fire, enjoying each other’s company.

Outdoor Gas Fire Systems for Cooking

Outdoor grilling stations are becoming especially popular as a way to bring households new ways to set the table.

One excellent example is our fiesta fire table, where you can actually eat around the flame. In some ways, it’s like one of those impressive ranges at a hibachi restaurant, combining the dining experience with a live flame where you can creatively roast or toast your food right from your seat.

In general, gas range cooking or cooking over a gas fire is also very convenient. That’s why cooks often install indoor gas ranges or outdoor gas grills at their own homes. The immediate heat that you get from the gas flame is much better for even and consistent cooking results than an electric burner.

All of this makes our built-in grills, fire tables, and outdoor gas fire pits appealing to increase your property’s curb appeal and add functionality to your yard or outer space. Ask us about your options and how we can help.