In 2019, there was a resurgence of the traditional fireplace. With this growth in popularity, designers started putting even more emphasis on highlighting functional and beautiful fireplace designs in homes. As 2020 surges on, there will be a continuance of last year’s hot fireplace trends.

Creating a Linear Interior

One of the hottest trends in the realm of fireplaces is the installation of linear, large, and contemporary gas fireplaces. While these were used in modern homes for years, now they are seen with virtually all types of décor.

Linear fireplaces are considered a more versatile option because they work well with many styles. They also are not considered exclusive to modern home styles. You will find options that will look great in sleep modern townhomes but equally impressive in an aging ranch.

The Bigger, the Better

Fireplaces are not meant to be hidden or subtle. Instead, they are getting bigger – and bigger and bigger. A larger viewable area offers an improved sense of prestige and elegance that is unparalleled by the smaller models. In the past, gas fireplaces were all rectangular, but recently, square fireplaces have emerged as the more popular option.

If you do not choose to go long and linear, you should select large and square. There is a good reason for this – there is not anything quite as inspiring as viewing a fire dancing behind almost 1,000 (or more) square inches of glass.

Flexibility is Key

During the past two years, several products have been released that allowed combustible materials to be placed right over and around a fire. Usually, a fireplace requires you to have heat resistant materials, such as tiles, stone, or brick around it.

New technology systems allow heat to be moved away from the wall and further into the home. With this innovative technology, designers and homeowners can apply any finish from wallpaper and wood to the edge of the fireplace, which allows you to mount television over the fireplace, opening up an entirely new design option. For 2020, the most popular fireplace finishings will be custom wood accent walls, creative wallpapers, and shiplap walls.

Corner Design Options

With open floor plans becoming more popular, designers are starting to choose multi-sided and corner fireplaces as an effective method of integrating the fireplace into a larger space. Larger central flues featuring a multi-sided bay, or a corner gas fireplace, are effective ways to create a unique design in any space while keeping the open floor plan open. There is also the bonus of being able to enjoy the fire from several angles.

Working with professionals is highly recommended if you are interested in embracing the latest fireplace trends in your own home. They can help you find the right design option for your needs and ensure the fireplace installed works with the home and space in question. Being informed is the best way to get the right fireplace in your home.